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5D Mink lash is Fluffy and full of drama, she commands the room! Tapered on the ends for a naturally fluffy look, while being full and dense. Perfect for those with round eyes.

What it is: A luxurious and glamourous pair of hand-crafted false eyelashes that flawlessly blend in with your natural lashes instantly adding length, light volume, and definition

What it does:
Using the highest quality material in the industry, these superior wispy, natural looking lite mink lash styles are uniquely designed by strategically placing a graceful crisscross pattern of fine layered hairs to a thick and flexible lash band, seamlessly revealing a feathery and delicate effect to your eye while instantly adding alluring length and volume.

What Else You Need to Know:
With proper care, each lash can be reused up to 20 times. Never rinse or soak lashes in water or any type of solution. Re-attach to lash tray when not in use to preserve and protect lash and lash shape.

Adebabes: A glam girl must have, this round lash style adds a gentle curl and noticeable length, definition and soft volume.

Lovette: The brand’s most natural-looking flare lash is both elegant and stylish. This semi-wispy lash style adds gradual length and volume along with a soft touch of curl.

Italy: The brand’s most natural looking lash round lash style that adds delicate length and volume to the center of the eye creating a natural, feminine look.

Anna: A full-volume style; this round, wispy lash is fun and flirty, offering various lengths of hairs to create a subtle dimension.